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Series - Radio

David Edward Hughes developed the world's first radio transmitter and receiver in 1879.  However, his invention was originally beleived by some to transmit and receive via induction.  Many others studied James Maxwell's theory of elctromagnetism to develop method and devices for wireless communication over radio waves.  Click on the links below to view some patents of note regarding the development of the Radio.

Invetntion Filing Date Patent (PDF)
System of Transmission of Electrical Energy (No. 645,576 to N. Tesla) 9/2/1897 download
Electric Telegraphy (No. 609,154 to O. Lodge) 2/1/1898 download
Wireless Electric Transmission of Signals over Surfaces (No. 750,429 to F. Braun) 2/6/1899 download
Method of Selective Electric Signaling (No. 714,756 to S. Stone) 2/8/1900 download
Apparatus for Transmission of Electrical Energy (No. 649,621 to N. Tesla) 2/19/1900 download
Apparatus for Wireless Telegraphy (No. 706,736 to R. Fessenden) 5/17/1900 download
Apparatus for Wireless Telegraphy (No. 676,332 to G. Marconi) 2/23/1901 download
Transmitting Electrical Impulses and Signals and Apparatus Therefor (Reissue No. 11,913 to G. Marconi) 4/1/1901 download
Means for Tuning and Adjusting Electric Circuits (No. 763,345 to F. Braun) 8/5/1901 download
Detector for Electrical Disturbances (No. 755,840 to J. Bose) 9/30/1901 download
Wave Transmitter (No. 771,917 to R. De Moura) 2/9/1903 download
Instrument for Converting Alternating Electric Currents into Continuous Currents (No. 803,684 to J. Fleming) 4/19/1905 download
Transistor Radio Apparatus (No. 2,892,931 to R. Koch) 3/25/1955 download



Radio - TeslaNikola Tesla was an early pioneer in radio development.  His original patent (No. 645,576) for his system issued in 1900.