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Series - Phonograph

One of Thomas Edison's most influential Inventions, the phonograph, introduced the world to a revolutionary new concept, the abliltity to record sounds and play them back at a later time.  Click on the links below to view some patents of note regarding the development of this device.

Invetntion Filing Date Patent (PDF)
Improvement in Phonograph or Speaking Machines (No. 200,521 to T. Edison) 12/24/1887 download
Coin-Actuated Attachment for Phonographs (No. 428,750 to L. Glass et al.) 12/18/1889 download
Combined Cash Register and Phonograph (No. 460,492 to A. Hayden) 9/20/1890 download
Method of and Means for Duplicating or Transferring Phonographic Records (No. 475,490 to L. Douglass) 3/17/1892 download
Tablet for Recording Sound-Vibrations (No. 505,910 to J. Wassenich) 6/29/1891 download
Gramophone and Actuating Device Therefor (No. 601,198 to E. Johnson) 8/19/1897 download
Process of Coating Phonographic-Records (No. 713,863 to T. Edison) 6/16/1900 download
Gramophone-Record (No. 1,046,650 to L. Rotheudt) 12/26/1911 download



Phonograph - Edison 1Thomas Edison invented the Phonograph in 1877.  His original patent (No. 200,521) for the device issued in 1878.