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Series - Football Helmet

American Football developed in the mid 1800s.  However, the first football helmets did not start appearing until the the 1890s.  Football helmets in the early 1900s were generally made of hardened leather.  The first plastic helmates did not appear until 1938 when the Riddell Company began producing them.  Click on the links below to view some patents of note regarding the development of the Football Helmet.

Invetntion Filing Date Patent (PDF)
Head Protector (No. 600,778 to H. Frazier) 6/18/1897 download
Football Helmet (No. 1,483,881 to H. Hart) 1/11/1922 download
Football Helmet (No. 1,559,252 to T. Hartman) 6/1/1922 download
Helmet (No. 1,537,178 to J. Maynard) 10/11/1923 download
Headgear (No. 1,576,987 to N. Mullins) 4/8/1925 download
Headgear (No. 1,660,375 to F. Dieterle) 1/15/1927 download
Football Helmet (No. 1,698,769 to R. Mullins) 3/9/1927 download
Football Helmet (No. 1,648,850 to A. Kennedy) 4/9/1927 download
Chin Strap Construction for Football Helmets (No. 3,166,761 to E. Strohm) 9/27/1961 download
Football Helmet Construction (No. 3,323,134 to W. Swyers) 5/24/1965 download
Football Helmet with Radio Equipment (Des. No. 332,507 to A. Anderson et al.) 2/9/1903 download
Football Helmet (Des. No. 465,067 to T. Ide et al.) 2/11/2002 download



Football HelmetThis is an early example of a leather football helmate invented by Henry Hart.  His patent (No. 1,483,881) for this helmet issued in 1924.